If Your Startup Is Actually Good, Chances Are You’re Not At SXSW

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[credit provider=”Justin Hackworth via Alt Design Summit 2012 on Flickr” url=”http://www.justinhackworth.com”]

South by Southwest is full-on in Austin, but a couple of big startups and founders are missing.Quora founder Adam D’Angelo isn’t here.  Neither is hot startup Pinterest.* Lot18’s Philip James decided to stay home and work.

James tells us he came last year when Lot18 was new, but he found himself partying and hanging out with the same people he hangs out with in New York.  This year he stayed back to be productive.

Of course, even hard-working startup founders need a vacation and a chance to let off some steam. SXSW is a great excuse. It can also be beneficial for founders to speak on SXSW panels and send their teams to Austin for branding purposes.

But we’re even more impressed by the founders who chose to send their teams while making the tough decision to stay home and work on their products.

*Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann did make an appearance at SXSW on Tuesday for an interview, but he didn’t stay the week to party like many other startups.