If You Work On Wall Street, Get These Apps

Sleep Cycle app

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The purpose of an app is to make life easier and more fun, so consider this a gift.Wall Streeters, we know your lives swing between dramatic periods of having to save time and waste time, so we’ve picked these apps with that in mind. We’ve tried to forego the typical news apps and what not for apps that suit your every day life.

Like for when you need to get the most out of 3 hours of sleep, or when you want to check an article that’s blocked at your bank…

Normal, banker things.

S&P Capital IQ

Why you should get it: Stay on top of the S&P 500 straight from the source.

No surprises people, no surprises.

Available on: iPad, Free


Why you should get it: Brought to you by LinkedIn, upload all the cards you get at your business meetings and conferences into this amazing app and then throw all that clutter away.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Free


Why you should get it: Run Microsoft Office on your mobile device and avoid having to rush to your computer on a weekend to do some work.

Available on: Android & iOS, Free


Why you should get it: Think you've stumbled on a cool read on the web but your boss is calling? Save it with this app and come back to it later.

Available on: Android and iOS, $3.99


Why you should get it: Use Imo.im to get on instant messenger at work and you won't have to worry the man checking your conversations.

Available on: Android, Blackberry, iOS and Nokia.


Why you should get it: We know that some of your favourite websites are blocked at work, so use this app to check your RSS feed.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X, $4.99

Sleep Cycle

Why you should get it: We personally swear by this app. It wakes you up during the lightest point of your sleep cycle (within half an hour of the time you set the alarm) so you feel refreshed. It also tracks your sleeping patterns with handy graphs.

Available On: iPhone, $0.99

Tie a Tie

Why you should get it: This isn't just about your standard knot. Learn various ways to do-up the most important male accessory.

Available on: all iOS products, $0.99



Cocktails Made Easy

Why you should get it: Sometimes, just sometimes, you have time to entertain. When that is the case, you still want to look like a well-rounded individual, but with booze. Use this to impress your guests and make them think you actually have time to pour yourself a cocktail.

Available on: iPad, Free


Why you should get it: If you're a beer connoisseur or really want a specific type of beer after work, Findmytap helps you locate your favourite beers at nearby pubs and bars.

Available on: Android and iPhone, $2.99

Men's/Women's Health Workouts

Why you should get it: When you get to the gym the last thing you want to do is waste your time. So, throw these handy workouts on your mobile device and make the best of what you've got.

Men's Health Workouts

Women's Health Workouts

Available on: all iOS, $1.99

Get Running

Why you should get it: If you can run a few miles a few times a week, you don't even have to go to the gym. Enter Get Running, the app that takes you from 'couch to 5k' in 9 weeks.

Available on: iPhone and Android, $2.99

Or if you're already an experienced runner, try tracking your runs with Run Keeper.

Available on: iPhone and Android, Free

Paper by FiftyThree

Why you should get it: Touch your screen, doodle and create... perfect for long days/nights at the office waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

Available on: iPad, Free


Grand Theft Auto 3

Why you should get it: Are you bored? Take a drive!

Available on: Android and iOS, $4.99


Why you should get it: Available in many cities, you can use this app to find a driving service. It also keeps your card on file so it's fine if you don't have cash.

Available on: Android and iOS, Free

App in the Air

Why you should get it: This is perfect if you have to travel a lot for work. Track your flight and find out whether or not you get to have an extra cocktail before you take off.

Available on: iOS, Free

The Economist

Financial Times


Business Insider

Why you should get it: We just made our app more sleek for you, check it out.

Available on: All iOS products, Free

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