If You Want To Get A Job, You Need 'Transferable Skills'

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You enter college and did your research — you know what industries are hiring, so you choose your major based on this knowledge.But what if the market changes before you graduate? 

In order to protect yourself from having a major that’s “out-of-date,” and deemed worthless, you should also make sure that you’ve acquired some “transferable skills” that’ll offer you more job possibilities.

So, what are transferable skills?

Trish Freshwater at the Student Branding Blog writes: 

“Transferable skills are a versatile set of skills that you can apply to more than one job. These are the skills that add to your marketability as a candidate and help you assimilate from one job to another. So, for example, while you may be studying accounting and sharpening your ability to balance bookkeeping ledgers, a transferable skill could be your ability to problem solve.”

Similar to your own individual personality, these skills should be unique to you. You learn them during different life experiences, and even if others accompanied you to these events, they should not have acquired the same skills as you, because the individual experiences vary.

Freshwater says these transferable skills can be soft (communication, persuasion skills), analytical (problem-solving, research abilities), technical, organizational (time management skills) and workplace skills (punctuality, reliability).

“Whether you’re preparing for a future career as a chef, an accountant or even a musician, your desirability as a candidate will be greatly enhanced by your transferable skills – and inclusion of related skills-based key words on your resume,” she writes. 

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