If You Want To Get A Job At A Hedge Fund Don't Even THINK About Wearing This To An Interview

pleat pantsIf this is your only option, go out and buy a new pair.

Photo: Nordstrom

There are many unwritten but rigorously enforced sartorial rules on Wall Street.You might not realise they’re being enforced, but they are.

For example, at Goldman Sachs, you can’t wear a pair of Ferragamo loafers if you’re an analyst or associate; they’re a status symbol, and donning a pair too early is not cool.

Across the pond, we were told bankers shouldn’t wear brown ties, as brown isn’t a City colour.

Hedge funds, of course, also have a list of fashion faux pas.

According to one hedge funder-in-the-know, if you have an interview with a hedge fund (via Dealbreaker):

Plain-front pants are ideal.

“For God’s sake, don’t be the guy who shows up with pleated pants,” said an associate at a hedge fund.

So now you know.

Also, prior to the interview, look over these…

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