If You Want To Be Amazing, You Need To Stop Being Reasonable

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There’s always at least one in every group. The “let’s be reasonable” guy.Anytime a plan get’s too audacious or expectations too grandiose, that guys chimes in with his obligatory reminder that you need to slow down, think a little more clearly, and “be reasonable.”

And it usually works.

Instead of dreaming about breaking new boundaries and setting new records, you decide to play it safe. To not risk too much.  To do what an average, ordinary person would do — be reasonable.

And nothing you do is ever more than mediocre. Nothing remarkable. Nothing world-changing.

Just forgettable activity. Mindless daily grind.

And that needs to change.

If you want to be amazing you have to push back against the common sense of “being reasonable”.

  • It’s not reasonable to keep trying when you fail. But that’s the secret to breakthrough.
  • It’s not reasonable to get back when you’re knocked down by a bigger opponent.  But that’s how you win.
  • It’s not reasonable to give more than you get. But that’s how you build relationships that matter.
  • It’s not reasonable to believe in yourself when no one else does. But that’s how you change the world.

By not being reasonable. By refusing to play it safe.

By denying yourself the safety of looking like you have it all together when you’re really scared inside.  That’s the stuff of champions. That’s real guts.

And you can be that guy.

You can be the rebel. The fighter. The under-dog.

Anyone can give in to fear and doubts and peer pressure.  That doesn’t make you great. It makes you get along with other people. Other people who are losers like you could be.

Except you’re different. Today is different. Instead of choosing the easy path, you can make the choice to stop being reasonable.

To dream bigger. To fight longer. To lead when no one else is following.

Leave being reasonable to the people who call you “lucky” later.

This story was originally published by Edgy Conversations.