INSTANT MBA: The Secret To Being A Better Leader Is Pausing

Kevin Cashman, Pause Principle, Korn/Ferry International

Photo: Kevin Cashman

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Kevin Cashman, Senior Partner at Korn/Ferry International and author of The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward:“For managers and leaders, we face expectations from bosses and colleagues and boards and so on, to go faster and faster and do more and more in order to build credibility and create value. But the problem is, going faster, in today’s crazy world, is usually not the best solution.”

The key to leading effectively, says Cashman, isn’t trying to work faster and cram more into your schedule. Taking time out to pause and reflect on your actions will give you the tools to effectively become a better manager and leader. Pausing helps leaders become more self-aware, inciting growth in themselves and those they lead.

While Cashman says it’s perfectly fine to breeze through the simpler tasks, when it comes to tackling the bigger, weightier ones, it’s essential to pause to call forth clarity and meaning into your work and inspire others to do the same.

“The more complex and important it gets… the more we really have to step back to not just do more, but to do differently, to innovate and create value and connect with people in a way that creates real sustainability.”

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