If You Tried To Download Hot New App Brewster Today And It Didn’t Work, Here’s Why

steve greenwood brewster
Steve Greenwood founded Brewster.

We just got off the phone with Steve Greenwood, founder of iPhone contact and social search app, Brewster (Q&A to come).Brewster launched today after a lengthy spat in stealth mode. Union Square Ventures (along with angels like Jack Dorsey, we hear) invested. It’s all anyone can tweet about today.

We downloaded Brewster but haven’t had luck creating an account. We’ve been trying for over an hour to no avail.

We asked Greenwood why the app was so slow. Naturally, he says it’s stalled because so many people are flooding Brewster. On a normal, non-launch day, Greenwood says it takes about three minutes to create an account.

“It’s one of those issues that’s for a good reason,” Greenwood assures us. “It’s amazing to think of something for so many years, finally share it with the world and have this kind of positive reaction,” he says.

To create an account, Brewster has to pull data from multiple social networks, mobile contact lists, and email accounts. It runs algorithms to determine the strength of relationships within contact lists and organise the data into a personalised social network/social search product. 

So today, be patient and remember Brewster’s a startup. Then try creating an account again tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can take our tour of Brewster here.