If You Think Your Doc Is Sad, You're Probably Right

It’s not the best time to be a physician…

WSJ: Doctors sure seem unhappy these days. Just take a look at the downbeat results from a survey out from the Physicians’ Foundation.

Here are some of the bracing findings from 11,950 primary care docs and specialists who responded to the survey:

94% said the time they’ve devote to non-clinical paperwork in the past three years has increased. 63% said the paperwork has meant they spend less time per patient.

82% said their practices would be “unsustainable” if proposed Medicare pay cuts were made.

…49% said that over the next three years they plan to reduce the number of patients they see or stop practicing entirely.

60% would not recommend medicine as a career to young people.

42% said professional morale is either “poor” or “very low.”

17% rated the financial position of their practices as “healthy and profitable.”

6% described morale of their colleagues as “positive.”

…More Physician Angst: The Boston Globe reports today that 83% of docs in Massachusetts said they’ve practiced “defensive medicine” and that some 18-28% of tests, procedures, referrals and consultations and 13% of hospitalizations were ordered to avoid lawsuits.

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