If You Scroll Down Far Enough, Your Facebook News Feed Does Come To An End

Yesterday, Facebook announced a few changes to the News Feed— that column of photos, status updates, and links you see when you go to Facebook.com or open a Faceobook app.

At the news conference, the guy in charge of the News Feed at Facebook, Lars Backstrom, provided a startling revelation.

It turns out if you scroll down long enough, your News Feed will eventually come to an abrupt end.

“There is an end,” said Lars.

“It will take you a long time to get to it.”

“The way our infrastructure works, it goes back for a few weeks. How far you have to scroll to get back to the end depends on how many friends you have and how many stories in your feed. But you’ll get there eventually if you are determined.”

Any reader out there want to take on the challenge? Do it! And then let us know how many scrolls and how long it took.

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