If You Really Had Things Figured Out, You'd Be On The French Riviera With Facebook And Yahoo Execs Today

You’re doing fine.

Your career is going well.



Let’s face it. 

If you really knew what you were doing, you’d be on the French Riviera right now.

There are 12,000 attendees at the Cannes Lion festival. 

10% to 15% of them are advertising technology executives, the festival’s chief executive, Philip Thomas, tells the WSJ.

They are there to meet people like the CMO of Coca-Cola Joe Tripodi, according to Joe Tripodi. 

“[Ad-tech execs] are fishing where the fish are swimming,” he tells the WSJ.

Why aren’t you fishing where the fish are swimming?

If you were, it’d be you taking this photo out of your window at the Hôtel Majestic Barrière and putting it on Instagram, instead of Facebook PR man Adam Isserliss:

Adam Isserliss/InstagramIt’d be you, taking pictures of strange guard dogs in front of a Yahoo party, not Mass Relevance CEO / founder Sam Decker:

yahoo guard dog

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