If You Post Something On Google+, It’s Going To Show Up In Google Searches

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Google has started showing publicly shared Google+ posts in search results.If someone in one of your circles shares a link on the social network, you’ll see it whenever you’re searching for something relevant on Google.

It’s another element of “social search,” which Google launched in 2009. Flickr, Quora, Google Buzz and Twitter posts already show up in search results.

Google + launched with the intention of tying all Google products together, so the fact that Google is sharing information beyond the social network isn’t surprising.

“You can view the ‘+’ as a new way to share online. If you sign up for Google +, it’s almost an upgrade to your Google experience,” a company spokesperson tells us.

“Over time, you can imagine many more Google properties being integrated into Google +.”

Here’s an example of a shared Google+ link in the search results:

google + search

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