If You Plan On Going To Mars In 2023, You'll Still Be Able To Watch The Super Bowl

Mars One Holland

Mars One is an ambitious plan for a one-way trip to Mars in 2023, funded by a reality TV-type media spectacle. The lucky astronauts will live on Mars for the rest of their lives.

Sounds crazy? Well, maybe it is, but we interviewed the Dutchman behind the mission earlier this year, and found that the idea is no hoax.

Now Bas Landorp has taken the time to answer from questions from Slashdot readers, giving more details about how the entire thing will actually work.

Here’s our favourite question:

What are the entertainment options like? 
by alen

If I move to mars for the rest of my life, what are the entertainment options? What am I supposed to do in my off time? 

BL: The astronauts will have many things they can do on Mars. They can do most of the indoor activities that people can do on Earth: read, play games, write, paint, work out in the gym, watch TV, use the Internet, contact friends at home and so on. There will be some limitations because of the long distance between Earth and Mars, resulting in time delays: they will have to request the movies or news broadcasts they want to see in advance. So if an astronaut would like to watch the Super bowl, he (or she) could request it and it would be uploaded to the server on Mars. There will always be the time delay of at least three minutes, so the people on Mars would know who won a few minutes after the people on Earth.

Easy Internet access will be limited to their preferred sites that are constantly updated on the local Mars web server. Other websites will take between 6 and 45 minutes to appear on their screen – first 3-22 minutes for your click to reach Earth and then another 3-22 minutes for the website data to reach Mars. Contacting friends at home is possible by video, voice or text message (e-mail, whatsapp, sms), but a real time dialogue is not possible because of the time delay.

You can read more questions (including one about the “suicide” options) over at Slashdot >

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