If You Believe Google, Australians Don't Know Where To Find Perth

Hello, hellooooo… has anyone seen Perth around here? The Perth Arena, which opened in 2012

Perhaps it was sudden interest spurred by Australia’s victory in the third Ashes test, or a burning desire to visit the River Tay in central Scotland (where you’ll find its namesake), but one of the most surprising revelations in Google’s lists of what Australians searched for online in 2013 is that Perth topped the “Where is…”

Are eastern state residents that ignorant about where to find the capital of Western Australia or was it just a rush of miners seeking FIFO work from Gina and Twiggy?

And despite our national identity supposedly being steeped in the ANZAC legend, it seems we have no idea where it all happened – “Where is Gallipoli?” was the top 3 search, just behind the development candy store known as Dubai, which made regular headlines due to the two Melbourne businessmen detained on now-dismissed corruption charges after a deal went sour (one of them, Matthew Joyce, finally returned home yesterday after the four-year ordeal).

Dubai also rated second on the global destination search, just behind Disneyland, the California theme part that opened nearly 60 years ago.

One the big existential questions, where either search for sports results or death, with the “Did…” list being topped by “Turtleman die?” No we had no idea what that was about either and had to Google “Who is…?” We suspect it refers to Ernie Brown Jr., star of the reality TV show call of the Wildman.
And apparently people prefer turning to Google, rather than God, to ask Did Jesus exist?, the runner up search.

And what do you get when Michael Jackson, Ned Kelly and Freddie Mercury walk into a search bar?
The top three names of the past.

And perhaps Ashley Madison should hold scrabble nights – it was the top search for cheating.

Top Google searches of 2013

Where is…? (Most Searched)
1. Perth
2. Dubai
3. Gallipoli
4. Boston
5. Syria
6. Bali
7. Prague
8. Amsterdam
9. Singapore
10. Timbuktu

People of the past (Most Searched)
1. Michael Jackson
2. Ned Kelly
3. Freddie Mercury
4. Bob Marley
5. Martin Luther King
6. Mother Teresa
7. Janis Joplin
8. Dorothea Mackellar
9. Michael Hutchinson
10. Norman Rockwell

TV Shows (Trending)
1. The Block
2. My Kitchen Rules
3. House Rules
4. Big Brother
5. Offspring
6. The Bachelor
7. The Voice
8. Masterchef
9. House Husbands
10. The Mole

Fashion (Most Searched)
2. Myer
3. David Jones
4. Country Road
5. Forever New
6. The Iconic
7. Cotton On
8. Witchery
9. Boohoo
10. Ozsale

Global Destinations (Most Searched)
1. Disneyland
2. Dubai
3. China
4. London
5. Malaysia
6. Koh Samui
7. Phuket
8. Cambodia
9. Antarctica
10. Mecca

Cheats (Most Searched)
1. Scrabble Cheat
2. GTA 5 Cheat
3. Draw Something Cheat
4. Fantasy Football Cheat
5. Words Cheat
6. Letterpress Cheat
7. Sims 3 Cheats
8. Crossword Cheat
9. Minecraft Cheat Codes
10. Candy Crush Cheats

Did…? (Most Searched)
1. Turtleman Die
2. Jesus Exist
3. Tomic Win
4. Kerser Die
5. Mundine Win
6. Collingwood Win
7. Eminem Die
8. Dragons Exist
9. Chopper Die
10. Moses Die

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