If You Aren't A Vice President, You Should Not Be Wearing This

tie shirtNot a VP or higher? Don’t do it.

Photo: Brooks Brothers

There’s more to the corporate hierarchy than pay increases.There’s pretty much a bible of do and do nots on the attire front too.

For example, at Goldman Sachs, you can’t wear a pair of Ferragamo loafers if you’re an analyst or associate; they’re a status symbol, and donning a pair too early is not cool.

Across the pond, we were told bankers shouldn’t wear brown ties, as brown isn’t a City colour.

Hedge funds, meanwhile, are going to immediately judge you if you rock up to work in pleated pants.

So will VPs and managing directors all over the Street, if you make the following shirt faux pas, according to what one hedge fund associate told FINS:

When choosing a shirt, make sure to pick out dress shirts, that is, shirts without buttons on the collars. Shirts with buttons on the collar are called sport shirts and are considerably less formal.

You should steer clear of French cuff shirts, cuff links and monograms, which are best left to vice presidents and above.

So resist the urge to go fancy, and keep it simple.

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