If The Coalition Wins The Australian Federal Election It Would Be More Sympathetic To Huawei


In an extensive interview with The Guardian Australia, Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop had explained what The Coalition’s plans for foreign policy would mean for Australia.

As part of the interview, Bishop spells out some good news for Chinese telco Huawei, which was banned from tendering for the National Broadband Network due to security concerns.


“I note that Huawei just won a contract to provide services to the New Zealand government to do some roll out for New Zealand. Clearly they assessed the security concerns.

“I also spoke to the intelligence community in Great Britain about Huawei and they have obviously satisfied themselves that Huawei can be involved in the roll out of their broadband.

“Malcolm Turnbull and I have had a briefing from intelligence agencies and of course if they continue to advise there is a problem then you take their advice.

“But we have said we would review whether there were any parts of the NBN where Huawei could be involved, away from the heart of the operation that is the secret squirrel stuff, if you go away from that heart there may well be contracts that could be awarded to companies including Huawei.”

There are nine more points on the changes The Opposition would make to foreign policy here.

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