If Sheryl Sandberg Wants To Run The New York Times, She Can Just Buy It In 2020

sheryl sandberg

Photo: Sit with Me on flickr

Sheryl Sandberg was on The New York Times’ wish list for the CEO position, which it has been trying to fill the position since Janet Robinson left at the end of 2011, The Wall Street Journal reports.But, apparently, Sandberg was never approached, according to the report.

Of course the New York Times would want Sandberg to run the company as CEO. She’s one of the best candidates for a CEO on the planet.

We’re pretty sure Sandberg is happy with her position as chief operating officer of Facebook, which affects nearly a billion people on the planet every month. She was just given a position on the board.

Besides, to become a billionaire – one that could say, buy a newspaper – Sandberg has to stay at Facebook for another few years to fully vest her shares.

When those shares vest (all 40-something million of them), Sandberg will be worth about $1.4 billion — assuming Facebook’s shares don’t stray too far from their current value.

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