If Referrals Were Easy – We’d All Be Rich: A Look At Manta’s New Referral Feature

One of the powerful components of John Jantsch Duct Tape Marketing is referral marketing.

Referrals by themselves are simple. Someone tells someone about how great your product or service is and recommends they hire you or buy from you. Pretty simple. However, to create a SYSTEM to ensure this happens as a systematic part of your business is not easy.

Manta, local community of local companies, has launched several new features helping small, local businesses. One of these new features, Manta Recommendations, helps busy local business owners encourage their customers to refer other customers to them.

Whether you want to use Manta’s service or do this on your own it’s important to ensure you have a system to encourage customer referrals.

Referrals (or recommendations) do several things:

  • Give a greater boost of encouragement to potential customers who have not bought from you, through third party validation.
  • Increase trust and credibility in your current customers to continue to buy from you as they hear great things about your business.
  • Make it much easier for your sales team and marketing

Still don’t believe in referrals?

A new Manta study of over 1,000 small business owners found that more than half of SMBs say customer referrals have given them the biggest boost in business – more than social networking sites, meeting people at events and personal relationships. A majority (78 per cent) say they’ve asked for a recommendation and nearly 60 per cent have given one online.

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