If Perry's Hedge Fund Blows Up His Retail Mogul Wife Can Support Them

We don’t know exaclty how Perry Capital’s faring in the economic downturn, but the word is that the credit-focused fund has taken some hits in the ailing debt markets.

No matter, his wife Lisa’s fashion and home-design business is booming. She’s opening a store in SoHo tonight. Hopefully it will be able to help them both survive the downturn in style.

Fashion Week Daily: Lisa Perry, lover of 1960s vintage fashion and art, wants to bring her happy creations to the masses. The designer has transformed her studio into a retail space, and is debuting a new home collection in addition to her bright, mod-inspired dresses. “Everything that has to do with great design, I love,” said Perry, “so I thought it was natural to do the whole lifestyle brand!”

The store, opening tomorrow at 383 West Broadway, will offer her signature collection, a line of dresses for girls to “match their mommies,” and the lifestyle collection, including bedding, throw pillows, notepads, placemats and coasters-all with Perry’s signature bright polka dots and bold florals.

In addition, shoppers will also be able to browse and buy pieces like fashion and art books, vintage dinnerware, jewelry, DVDs of 60s movies-even a Campbell’s soup can lamp. Considering the current economic climate, this cheery mod universe will surely be a perfect antidote.

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