If Obama Gives Up On Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, Then He's A Coward

van jones

Guess what? The silly stink over green jobs czar Van Jones hasn’t died off yet, at least not on the left or right corners of the web. The mainstream media isn’t touching the story.

Nor should they, because this is a silly issue that just reveals the petulance of right-wing haters of Obama.

Who is Van Jones? He’s a committed activist who thinks Republicans are “arseholes“. (Van Jones also thinks Van Jones is an arsehole, by the way.) Of course, now that he’s part of the White House, he’s not allowed to say that out loud. Nor is he allowed to say any number of things he feels out loud, because he wouldn’t want to cause more fake problems like he has now.

Yet, that’s all he did in his past life. He was full time cage-rattling orator who whipped his fans in to a frenzy with impassioned speeches that ripped George Bush, and the right. He also advocated for environmental causes and minorities, which is a big part of the reason Obama put him on his team.

Before he joined the White House–in his small role as guy who directs stimulus money to green collar jobs–none of this was particularly secret. He had profiles written about him by Tom Friedman and the New Yorker. To paraphrase the immortal Dennis Green, “Van Jones is who we thought he was.”

But the White House probably didn’t know he was a 9/11 Truther. There’s a reason for that. He’s not one. Conservative blog Little Green Footballs writes, “the Truthers lied about the real intent of their document in order to get people to sign it…it’s a little pathetic that people would eagerly accept the word of Truthers and rense.com, without any other evidence.”

Earlier we wrote that Van Jones should just step aside, but we’ve changed our mind. That’s the cowardly route. Van Jones was and is a hell raiser. People are just going to have to deal with it.

Even if he was a committed communist that was still practicing, so what? What do we think? He’s going to start off as a green jobs czar, and eventually lead some radical revolution to take over the entire U.S. government? Any thoughts like that are crazier than the thoughts of the 9/11 Truthers.

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