If Facebook Dies (And It Might), Its Killer Will Be Born Mobile

Is Facebook a dead social network walking?

By now you all know the sad tale of Facebook’s sinking IPO and the ongoing questions about who is to blame for pumping up the social network’s stock valuation and then skittering away at the first sign of actual trading.

Regardless of who got played in the deal (read: small investors, as usual), the market is actually responding appropriately to Facebook’s current situation: the site is be a behemoth of traffic and attention, a platform underlying the very fabric of the Web, and an indispensable part of the lives of millions, but that doesn’t meant it’s safe. Sure, Facebook has conquered the Web, but the Web as we know it may be a dying medium. The Facebook killer won’t be a Website at all: it’ll be born mobile, just like the generation who will use it.

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