9 European Castles You Can Buy For The Price Of A Decent Three-Bed House In Sydney

Dracula’s castle – or at least the castle that inspired the novel – is for sale.

Unfortunately, you’ll need $US80-odd million to buy it, which is prohibitive to say the least, even though more than half a million tourists walk through its doors annually.

But buying a castle isn’t exactly out of reach, particularly if you’ve got a job that’s transportable and you’re used to paying $1m plus for anything near the centre of a major Australian city.

So here’s a quick primer at what’s on offer elsewhere in Europe. France seems to be the place where most castles are crying out for love, but Italy and Portugal are worth a look too.

Happy hunting, castle fans.

This 14th century, 6-bedroom castle with a moat.

Price: $1,451,000
On 4 hectares close to the Loire Valley.

Picture: www.francepropertyshop.com

This 19th century chateau, with 12 bedrooms withion an hour’s reach of Bordeaux.

Price: $1,509,000
River views from all rooms, on one and a half hectares of grounds with a gate that open onto the main square of the local village.

Picture: www.moulin.nl

This 8-bedroom, 16th Century chateau and outbuildings.

Price: $1,459,000
Four spiral staircased towers, on a massive 117 hectare plot, 3-and-a-half hours from Paris and Lyon.

Picture: www.groupe-mercure.com

This 9-bedroom fortified chateau in Normandy.

Price: $1,399,000
15th Century stone and oak timber, on 11 hectares and run as a “thriving” B&B business.

Picture: www.rightmove.co.uk

Portugal is nice this time of year.

Price: $1,393,000
5-bedroom hotel, 18th Century castle. “Perched in the heart of Gerês, the largest Natural Park in Portugal stands the magnificent 18th century castle that majestically dominates the hills of a quiet rural village called Anjos (the village of Anjos).”

Picture: www.algarmed.pt

This neat little one-bedder in Italy.

Price: $528,000
For those who can’t afford a whole castle, there’s plenty of apartments on offer.
Your money here buys you the tower – 95 square metres of living space arranged over three levels, with private garden, pool, tennis court, club house, parking and 17 hectares of land to roam.

Picture: www.prestigeproperty.co.uk

This practical, family castle

Price: $1,321,000
This 15th Century 3-bedder is just five minutes from the centre of Sarlat, southwest France. It “offers all the features of an historic medieval castle but on the scale of a very practical, family home, set in the middle of 4.1 hectares of lawns and woodland”.

Picture: publishers.french-property.com

This medieval castle with a pigeon tower.

Price: $1,452,000
A potentially huge 1000 square metres of living space on offer, this 12th Century monolith also has another excellent feature – a wine cave.
At least half of it is liveable and its located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France, not far from Narbonne.

Picture: www.frenchpropertylinks.com

In case you need 24 bedrooms

Price: $1,504,000
This incredible palace in the southwest of France offers 2800 square metres of living space.
There are 60 – yes, 60 – “small en-suite bedrooms of poor quality” which could presumably be converted into the advertised 24 bedrooms.
All on 17 hectares of land, within reach of Bordeaux and Bergerac international airports.

Picture: www.rightmove.co.uk