NO iPHONE, NO PROBLEM: These Guys Want To Put iOS On Everything, Even Android Phones

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Here’s an ambitious Kickstarter project — coding and implementing an iOS emulator that will run on Linux, Windows, OS X, and Android.It’s a project called iEmu, and if it sounds appealing to you, you can help make it a reality.

Project leader Chris Wade was one of the first iPhone jailbreakers, so we know he’s more than familiar with iOS workarounds.

Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch writes that Wade aims to make iEmu work by building it on top of the open source QEMU emulator, which is designed to be as easy as possible to implement.

The project sounds simple enough on paper, but there are some monstrous obstacles to overcome. How will they handle multitouch? How will they handle all of an iDevice’s components, like the BlueTooth chip and the compass? And after they whip all that together, how will they get the emulator to boot?

The Kickstarter project aims to raise $20,000, enough money to cover three months of living expenses for Wade. It’ll be an uphill battle from the start, but we’ll be following along.