5 of the best-designed kitchen accessories of the year

Off-the-shelf blenders and toasters can be useful, but as products they aren’t often all that inspired.

For people who want to take their kitchens into a more stylised realm, the International Design Excellence Awards, put on by IDSA, are a good place to start.

The awards showcase dozens of products that have achieved feats of design, including consumer gadgets, industrial tools, children’s toys, and more. Only a fraction of those won top honours for their ingenuity and beauty at this year’s show in August.

Here are a handful of the kitchen accessories IDSA considered worthy.

Tupperware's MicroPro Grill lets users bake, grill, and sauté foods directly inside the microwave. Technology inside the grill turns microwaves into direct or convection heating devices.


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The Ember mug gives coffee drinkers ultimate control by letting them determine the exact temperature of their beverage. Twisting the dial can make it colder or hotter by as small as one degree.


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Breville Oracle Touch is an automatic espresso machine that handles grinding, dosing, tamping, and milk texturing -- all from a handy colour touch screen. The walk-thru guides are meant to help novice home baristas hone their skills.


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STANCE is a hot water filter and dispenser made by Kohler. The clean white body and gold-finished design are meant to echo the simplicity of both water and the device's mechanics. Users lift the handle like a faucet to dispense.


Summilux lights are remote-controlled, high-tech fixtures that detect steam to vent and use LED strips to create ambient light or focused brilliance on the range below.


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