Idris Elba says he's tired of the James Bond rumours: 'I don't get a kick out of it'

Idris Elba told “Good Morning America” over the summer that it would take “the will of a nation” for him to become the next James Bond. That’s because as far as he knew there had been no talks about him taking on the role of 007 following Daniel Craig’s run, despite the rumours and fan hype.

Business Insider talked to Elba over the weekend about his upcoming movie, “100 Streets” (which opens in theatres in January), and we asked if there have been any new developments in the Bond campaign.

“Are people still talking about that?” Elba asked. “No man, I don’t know anything. There’s no update whatsoever.”

For the last year Elba has been one of a handful of stars, including Tom Hiddleston and Henry Cavill, who have been rumoured to be in talks for the role or who have said publicly that they want to play 007.

It’s still a conversation that won’t die on the internet, as there has been no confirmation that Craig will return to play the character.

When asked if he gets a kick out of the continued rumours of him playing the character, Elba dryly replied: “No, I don’t get a kick out of it.”

MGM is developing the 25th James Bond movie. It currently does not have a release date.

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