Use This Simple App To Get Stuff Done, And Keep Track Of Everyone On Your Team

idonethis Walter Chen, Rodrigo Guzman, Jae KwonWalter Chen, Rodrigo Guzman and Jae Kwon cofounded iDoneThis.

Photo: iDoneThis

iDoneThis is a simple productivity app to help keep your team focused and accountable to goals.Founded by Walter Chen, Rodrigo Guzman and Jae Kwon, it’s so effective that location check-in startup Foursquare uses it for its own day-to-day operations.

Here’s our walkthrough of how it works and how to use it.

Let head over to to get started

iDoneThis lets you see what your team members report that they've accomplished on a given day

They do this by replying to a daily email

Inside of the app, you can comment on their tasks and follow up

It costs $3 per person per month, but your first month is free. Let's create a username and password to get started

Invite your colleagues to join the account you just created

Then enter your payment info

A look at the calendar shows that it's blank -- let's fill it up

I sent a reply to the email I just received that listed the things I've done so far today

It immediately populates on

A short while later, other teammates reply with their own accomplishments

You can follow up by leaving feedback on their accomplishments

And for continued data porn, there's even a word cloud

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