'Idiocracy' director Mike Judge says Fox stopped his anti-Donald Trump ads

Idiocracy20th Century Fox‘Idiocracy.’

When news hit the internet in June that the makers of “Idiocracy” were going to make anti-Donald Trump ads featuring the movie’s most memorable character, fictional president Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (played by Terry Crews), people got excited.

But Mike Judge, director of “Idiocracy” (and creator of HBO hit “Silicon Valley”) told The Daily Beast that the ads aren’t going to happen.

“It kind of fell apart,” Judge tells The Daily Beast. “It was announced that they were anti-Trump, and I would have preferred to make them and then have the people decide. Terry Crews had wanted to just make some funny Camacho ads, and Etan [Cohen] and I had written a few that I thought were pretty funny, and it just fell apart. I wanted to put them out a little more quietly and let them go viral, rather than people announcing we’re making anti-Trump ads. Just let them be funny first. Doing something satirical like that is better if you just don’t say, ‘Here we come with the anti-Trump ads!’ Also, when Terry heard that announcement he wasn’t happy about it.”

This mirrors what Crews told us about why the ads weren’t going to happen when we talked to him in July.

“Etan Cohen went out and said we were making anti-Trump ads, but we weren’t. I’m not anti-Trump, I’m not anti-Hillary [Clinton]. I’m not pro anybody.”

Judge also added that it wasn’t looking good at Fox, which owns the rights to “Idiocracy.” He thinks the network was stopping the ok to use anything “Idiocracy”-related for the ads.

“That’s the other thing. I think there was a roadblock there, too,” Judge said of Fox’s involvement. “I just heard that they were put on the shelf, so it looks like they’re not going to happen.”

You can now file this under “too good to be true.”

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