IDEA OF THE DAY: Vibrating Cigarette Packs Tell You When Other Smokers Are Nearby

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The idea: With everything tending toward social, why not throw cigarettes into the mix?Electronic cigarette manufacturer Blu is selling special packs of cigarettes that vibrate when they’re within 50 feet of another pack. The goal is to make smoking even more social.

“You’ll meet more people than ever, just because of the wow factor,” Blu founder Jason Healy told The New York Times.

The packs can also be configured to exchange social networking information and will vibrate when they’re near a store that sells Blu products.

And they’re supposedly healthier, too. The e-cigarettes emit a nicotine-laden vapor instead of smoke. A pack of five e-cigarettes costs $80.

Whose idea: Blu

Why it’s brilliant: We suspect that the novelty of being able to tell when other smokers are nearby will actually lead to meeting new people. And the social networking aspect makes it easier to stay in touch.