IDEA OF THE DAY: A Meat Thermometer That Reads “Rare,” “Medium,” And “Well” Instead Of The Temperature

steak thermometers

Sur la table

The idea: Like your filet mignon  still mooing? Get it perfectly pink with the Steak Button Thermometer Set.

Stick the thermometer into the steak and it’ll tell you exactly how cooked your meat is—rare, medium, or well, instead of the temperature.

Whose idea: Sur La Table

Why it’s brilliant: These nifty tools can turn your kitchen into a swanky steakhouse. Even if you’re already a pro, they make grilling a breeze.

They’re especially helpful when you’re cooking for picky people. Heaven forbid you serve a rare steak to someone who prefers it medium.

At $20 for a set of four, they’re much cheaper than eating out.