IDEA OF THE DAY: Shove This Tube In Your Bike Tire And You’ll Never Get A Flat Again


This idea: Puncturing a hole in this new inner tube for bikes is no big deal since the tire will simply seal itself.

The Protek Max inner tube is designed with raised bumps that will cause the rubber to compress if punctured (rather than stretch like traditional tubes) and close the hole.

It also contains an inbuilt sealant that strengthens the repair.

The tubes come in two different sizes and cost about $9.00.

Whose idea: Michelin

Why this is brilliant: There’s nothing worse than getting a flat when you’re riding your bike.  If the tire is the type that holds air with a separate inner tube, a self-sealing tube reduces the time you would have to spend repairing the hole and you can continue riding in no time.

For bikes with a tubeless system, don’t forget the repair kit.