IDEA OF THE DAY: Shoot Unbelievable 360-Degree Video With Your iPhone

gopano micro

The idea: GoPano Micro, a special lens and app combo for your iPhone that enables you to shoot 360-degree video.

The device uses a specially curved mirror that gathers light from all directions and reflects it into the lens of your camera. That single image actually contains the 360 degree view.

The app interprets the image and transforms it into a normal-looking video that you can interact with.

Whose idea: EyeSee 360, a specialised optics company in Pittsburgh, PA

Why it’s brilliant: This app makes capturing videos from every angle much easier. It doesn’t require a steady hand, or turning around slowly in place.

EyeSee 360 takes a basic functionality of your phone and supercharges it.

See this video for a demo, but be sure to click and drag inside of the video while it’s playing to browse 360 degrees.