IDEA OF THE DAY: When You Die, This Service Takes Care Of Your Online Affairs, Such As Email Accounts And Facebook Profiles

Life Ensured


The idea: What happens to all of your online accounts when you die? Where does the money in your PayPal account go, and what happens to your Facebook wall?Digital data can live on forever, but now startup LifeEnsured is offering to put it to rest.

Much like a will, you decide exactly what you’d like to do with your online accounts once you pass.

When you die, LifeEnsured will get notified via Social Security information or an elected love one. Then, it can shut down your profile, transfer ownership of your PayPal account, and even change the information on your Facebook profile to the past tense.

They offer to help you settle affairs on more than 30 sites, and they’ll even take care of your email account.

Whose idea: Michael Aiello

Why it’s brilliant: It’s a little morbid, but it’s an increasingly practical need.

And it’s affordable. You can get very basic coverage for free, but $300 will give you unlimited protection.

With military-grade encryption, it’s also incredibly secure.