IDEA OF THE DAY: Create Any Group Email List On The Fly Straight From The "Cc" Field


The idea: turns a group of contacts into a single email address that you can use repeatedly, all from your email server.

Here’s how it works:

Put everyone you want in the group list in the “To:” line of an email. Make the “Cc” line your group name, as in “[email protected]

From there on in, when you or someone in your family wants to email everyone, just send it to “[email protected]

You don’t even need to worry about finding a unique group name. Group names are tied to the list creator’s email address, so literally every family in the world could create and send group emails to their own “[email protected]”.

Click here for a walkthrough of how works >>

Whose idea: Mike Dirolf

Why it’s brilliant: Email has been around for decades, but until now, there hasn’t been a simple system for sending messages to the same group of people repeatedly.

Obviously, there’s the “Cc” option in email, but you still have to type in multiple addresses. You could set up a group in your preferred email client, but that means wading into the murky “settings” sections.

Google Groups already exists, but it’s a somewhat annoying setup process and group names (much like Twitter handles) must be unique, so you’ll often not get your first choice.

Dirolf’s product seems like a good solution to all of these problems that can be used by close clusters of people, both in business and personal group settings.

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