IDEA OF THE DAY: A Device That Determines If The Food You're About To Consume Contains Something You're Allergic To

Allergen Beagle

This idea: Find out if your food contains substances that could trigger an allergic reaction by running it through this food scanner first.

The Allergen Beagle lets users screen foods for potential allergenic contents including peanut, shellfish, gluten, lactose, hazelnut, egg, soy, almonds, and sesame.

Here’s how to use it:
1. Fill test tubes with the sample (one tube per allergen to be tested).

2. Insert the test tube into the Allergen Beagle.

3. During the procedure a bright light will shine from the beakers. When the light turns off, if the test line and control line are both a dark colour, the allergen is present.

Whose idea: Sebastian Goudsmit

Why this idea is brilliant: For those who have severe food allergies, one bite of the wrong substance could be their last. If you’re planning a dinner party, for example, testing the ingredients before cooking could save you and your guests the discomfort of serving something they can’t eat.

Unfortunately this device won’t help you in a supermarket since you would have to purchase the food before you can test it.

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