Two Brothers Are Risking Everything To Paint This Street Art Deep In Iran

iran street art icy and sot tank

Photo: Vimeo/ICY and SOT

Even as global tensions surrounding Iran’s nuclear program continue to burn, two Irianian brothers that go by the psuedonyms ICY and SOT adorn the walls of Tehran with their controversial messages. Risking their lives in the process, they wield their spray cans and multiple stencils to give the voice to the most vulnerable of their society – children, women, and the elderly.

Their art, influenced by street artists such as Banksy, has been recognised internationally in the recent months and a collection of their works was featured in ARTINFO France last month

Besides advocating for peace, ICY and SOT also tackle the issue of child labour. You can follow them on, Flickr, Vimeo and Facebook.

ICY and SOT are brothers from Tabriz, Iran

ICY and SOT are pseudonyms that help the brothers keep a low profile and avoid arrest

Source: ARTINFO France

Source: ARTINFO France

Source: ARTINFO France

Their work focuses on peace, war, love, and hate

As well as focusing on hope, despair, children, human rights and Iranian culture

Source: ARTINFO France

Their work has been on display in Iran, Italy, US, France, Netherlands, and Brazil

As ICY and SOT claim spotlight on international stage, they are represented by Klerkx Art Agency

The two brothers mainly use stencils in their art

Stencils allow for quick and detailed images

That can be repeated in multiple locations

For stencil graffiti of this detail, artist would use multiple layers

Many of their attention grabbing images took as many as six layers to create

Source: ARTINFO France

Select pieces of their art appears on the walls inside the building but at heart ICY and SOT are street artists

Source: ARTINFO France

ICY and SOT purposely feature children, women and elderly in their art

They hope that through their art they will give voice to the most vulnerable members of Iran's society

rumour has it, they are coming to New York ... so we will keep out eyes open

That's not the only art coming out of Middle East.

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