Of Course iCloud Will Have A Web Version

icloud login screenThis is supposedly the login screen for iCloud on the web. It’s probably a fake though.

There has been a lot of rumbling about the future of iCloud since Joshua Topolsky at This Is My Next reported that Apple will kill the web version of iCloud’s e-mail, calendar, and contacts on June 30, 2012.We’re told that’s not true. There’s a lot that can happen in the next year.

And beyond what we’ve heard, common sense tells us Apple would be pretty stupid to suddenly eliminate those essential features from a web interface and screwing over those who already forked over $99 for a MobileMe account.

There’s even some real evidence floating around that iCloud will have a web version. A Mac rumours reader found this link that shows an iCloud event invite. (The event is gone now, however.)

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