Stunning Time-Lapse Video Offers Another Reason To Move To Iceland Right Now

Between its relatively low unemployment, thriving arts and culture scene and abundance of good-looking people, we hear Iceland is a pretty great place to move right now. This stunning time-lapse video shot during the Icelandic Midnight Sun — a natural phenomenon where the sun never fully sets — provides one more reason.   

For 17 days, videographer Joe Capra traveled around the entire country capturing the incredible landscape and taking advantage of a nearly continuous stream of light (sunset was at midnight and sunrise was at 3 a.m.). He shot 38,000 images. 

“Midnight Sun” was also the grand-prize winner in a contest hosted by the X Prize Foundation, sending Capra home with $10,000 to spend on a National Geographic expedition of his own choosing.  

We think it was well-deserved:

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