16 Reasons To Move To Iceland Right Now

Iceland Lagoon Resort

Photo: Patrick Gage via Flickr

Way back in heady days of 2009, Business Insider gave you 6 reasons to move to Iceland.Well, we actually spent some time there last month — and guess what!

You should still move.

In fact, there’s even more reasons now.

1 - First off, they had their crash in 2008. Things are very unlikely to get that bad again.

2 - It's a safe place. The country responded peacefully to an incredibly tough problem in 2008, with only a small amount of rioting.

3 - Instead, the nation attempted to hold their government and finance industries accountable, letting banks fail and putting their politicians on trial.

4 - They've helped citizens out as well — letting the banks forgive 13 per cent of mortgage debt.

5 - And, while life is still tough for people, unemployment sat at a reasonable 6.1 per cent at the end of last year.

Source: The Telegraph

6 - The economy seems to be doing well, with 2.4 per cent growth by the end of last year.

Source: The Telegraph

7 - The country has a thriving arts and culture scene, especially considering its just 300,000 people.

8 - And the government promotes this, even during the crisis — for example building the incredibly beautiful Harpa Concert Hall.

9 - The capital city, Reykjavik, is an exciting place, with lots of restaurants and bars open til 5am.

10 - And its not even that expensive anymore — the Krona is around the lowest it's been for 10 years. Think New York or London prices.

Source: XE.com

11 - And, yes, there are a lot of good looking people there.

12 - The country has also has some truly incredible and unique natural beauty.

13 - But this natural beauty has more practical uses — 81% of the country's energy use comes from cheap, clean energy from domestic sources such as geothermal energy.

14 - Iceland has become the leading expert in harnessing geothermal energy. Countries such as China are queuing up to learn the skills.

Source: Wikipedia

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