Plans Announced For "Ice Mosque" In Sweden

Ice Hotel Embrace of Life

Photo: Courtesy of ICEHOTEL

An “ice mosque,” built by the owners of Sweden’s famed Ice Hotel, looks like it will be constructed in the town of Jukkasjärvi, reports The Local.The hotel reportedly builds a church made of ice every year in the northern Swedish town where its located. Now, in an aim to increase the mixing of religions and cultures, the hotel is looking to add a mosque next to the church this year.

The Telegraph reports that since the region has visitors and tourists from all over the globe, including Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, the hotel believes a mosque would be a great attraction. Sweden’s leading Imam has said that the mosque could be an opportunity to educate tourists about Islam.

However, owners and organisers have conceded that it may be too late in the day to build the mosque this year.

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