LEAKED: Here’s A Photo Of Android’s Next Major Release, Ice Cream Sandwich

Two photos what appear to be the next major version of Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, have leaked to the blog RootzWiki.

The early build of ICS is running on a Nexus S, but RootzWiki’s sources says it isn’t fully functional yet.

Some features we learned from the photos include: a panoramic camera, the ability to “stack” your favourite apps into folders, a new dock, a new apps and widget launcher similar to the one in Honeycomb for tablets, and a redesigned Gmail app.

Here’s the photo:

ice cream sandwich nexus s

[credit provider=”RootzWiki” url=”http://rootzwiki.com/content.php?r=221-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-Pics-RootzWiki-Exclusive”]

Check out RootzWiki for more details and another photo >