GASPARINO: Jeff Sprecher Tried To Blame The Personal Attack On Nasdaq's Bob Greifeld


Last week in London, Jeffrey Sprecher, the CEO of IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) tried to smooth things over with NYSE head Duncan Niederauer.

ICE (with Nasdaq) tried and failed to execute a hostile takeover of the NYSE, which would have obviously shattered the NYSE-Deutsche Boerse deal.

Sprecher and Nasdaq’s Bob Greifeld wrote a letter to NYSE shareholders about the company’s poor loyalty to shareholders, and criticised its management.

Now Charlie Gasparino at Fox Business reports that “[Sprecher] told a senior person at the NYSE, ‘I’m sorry it got personal,'” according to Gasparino.

Apparently, he tried to blame the mess on Greifeld.

“Sprecher approached a senior executive of the Big Board to deliver what has been described as a “mea culpa” to Niederauer while attending an industry conference.”

ICE said a conversation had taken place but it wasn’t about saying “sorry.”

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