Facebook Says More Than 1 Million Users Have Dumped Water On Their Heads For Charity

If scrolling through your Facebook feed yields nothing more than videos of your friends, neighbours, and family dumping buckets of water on their own heads, that makes sense.

Facebook says 1.2 million videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge have been posted on its site, according to Time. All in all, the craze has raised $US5.5 million in donations for the ALS association since it began a little over two weeks ago on July 29.

Last year during this same period, the group raised just $US32,000. August is typically a “slow month in the nonprofit world,” the Washington Post wrote.

Facebook calculated that more than 15 million people have interacted about the challenge in some way this summer, either from uploading a video, liking a post, or commenting on one. Facebook also shared an infographic mapping out who challenges who to dump water on their heads.

Each line represents at least 10 connections between challengers and their targets, Time says. Facebook suggests that Boston seems to be a hub because of the widespread popularity of former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2012.

Since then, other high-profile challengees have gotten involved, probably a huge boost to the movement’s momentum.

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