iCarly: The TV Webcast Wagging Nick.com

How popular is Nickelodeon’s fictional webcaster Carly Shay? The Web companion to her the show “iCarly” now accounts for a big chunk of all of Nickelodeon’s Web traffic. Either 18%, according to Nickelodeon’s internal numbers or 33.8%, according to comScore.

Oddly, by both accounts, iCarly drew 2.7 million uniques in February, up 24% from January. comScore says all of Nick.com drew 8 million uniques last month, while Nick says its data shows 14.7 million. Either way, the site represents one triumph for Viacom’s strategy of building micro-sites around various characters and brands.

The TV show, which launched in September, chronicles the life of Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove. Viewers are encouraged to visit the site and upload their own videos, some of which are shown on TV as part of Shay’s webcast. So far, nearly 100,000 have been uploaded.

How does “iCarly” do offline? Really well. She’s drawing more than 3.6 million viewers on Nickelodeon. As of two weeks ago she was outperforming Disney’s “Hannah Montana”, she of the impossible-to-get concert tickets.

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