Carl Icahn Tweets His Love For Apple's $US14 Billion Stock Buyback

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn is showing his love and appreciation for Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the $14 billion worth of stock the company just bought back.

Icahn has been buying up Apple stock for months now, building a position, and he’s been loud about how he thinks the company should be using its cash to buy back stock. Of course, that pumps up the stock price, and make shareholders (like him) wealthier.

So of course, Icahn is happy about the $US14 billion news, and tweeted as much Friday afternoon.

There are tons of people that disagree with Icahn, of course. They believe, as our Jay Yarow writes, that the only thing that will truly help Apple’s stock price is growth.

Icahn addressed that in a Tweet too (sort of).

Icahn thinks Apple can do it all, apparently. We’ll see how that works out, but now we’re just enjoying all the love floating around.

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