CARL ICAHN: Marc Andreessen Has Screwed More People Than Casanova

Marc andreessenAPMarc Andreessen

Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn slammed Marc Andreessen on CNBC’s “Halftime Report.”

“Andreessen, he’s screwed more people than Casanova, for Christ’s sakes,” Icahn said of the Ebay board member.

He continued: “Yet, he goes and he takes this attitude that he’s on the high moral ground and he just is as annoying as hell, to me, that a guy like that is still on this board after what the hell he did at Skype.”

Yesterday, Andreessen appeared on CNBC and he took a shot at Icahn likening him to an “evil Captain Kirk” from Star Trek.

“Remember the ‘Star Trek’ episode where they have got the good Captain Kirk and the evil Captain Kirk? It’s one of those things,” Andreessen said.

“Like Carl’s just the exact opposite. He starts off bomb throwing. He lies. He just makes stuff up. He slanders. It’s like his inner 6-year-old comes out.”

Icahn and Andreessen have been going back and forth for months.

Earlier this year, Icahn, who owns a large stake in Ebay and has been pushing for the company to spin-out PayPal, sent an open letter slamming the company’s board.

In that letter, Icahn also called out Marc Andreessen individually. Icahn claimed that there was a conflict of interest because Andreessen, who sits on Ebay’s board, was also an investor in Skype, which Ebay had spun off.

Andreessen has refuted Icahn’s allegations.

Watch the video below:

Disclosure: Marc Andreessen is an investor in Business Insider.

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