Icahn Likely To Lose Yahoo (YHOO) Proxy Fight...So When Will He Dump Stock?

From Silicon Alley Insider: Add this to the list of reasons we won’t be voting for Carl Icahn’s Yahoo (YHOO) slate: If he wins the proxy contest, this will trigger the massive severance-bonus plan Yahoo put in place to fight off Microsoft. This will ensure that whatever management moves Carl’s new board makes will cost shareholders a ton of money and put Yahoo even more behind the eight ball…

As some readers have pointed out, it’s not our vote that matters is Icahn v Yahoo, but the votes of huge shareholders such as Gordie Crawford (Capital Research and Management) and Bill Miller (Legg Mason). After blasting Jerry Yang and Yahoo’s board for blowing the Microsoft deal, Gordie has been mum. Bill, meanwhile, has been trimming his position. If we had to guess, we imagine that Gordie and Bill are likely thinking along the same lines we are…

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