ICAC COMMISSIONER: A Corrupt Conduct Finding Against Arthur Sinodinos Is Unlikely

Arthur Sinodinos stood aside as assistant treasurer while he is part of an ICAC inquiry.

ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham says it is unlikely a corrupt conduct finding will be made against Arthur Sinodinos, who stood down as assistant treasurer after he was listed as a witness in an inquiry into Australian Water Holdings.

The company is accused of corruptly obtaining money from the government-owned Sydney Water and using the money for large salaries and political donations around the time Sinodinos was on the AWH board.

“Whether a corrupt conduct finding could ever be made against Mr Sinodinos … I have myself some difficulty in seeing how that could occur,” the commissioner said, according to an ABC News report.

The inquiry had heard Sinodinos stood to make millions of dollars from an AWH deal, though he maintained he had done nothing wrong, and the Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he will return to his cabinet position “soon”.

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