IBM Made These Incredible Billboards That Serve A Purpose

While most billboards are just meant to be aesthetically pleasing, IBM decided to create ads that actually serve a purpose.

As a part of its Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities campaign, IBM and Ogilvy Paris made three billboards with different functions: One is a bench, the other is a ramp for stairs, and the last serves as a rain shelter.

And considering that it just won Cannes Grand Prix for Outdoor advertising, it’s safe to say the ad world likes it, too.

Here are the ads:

ibm billboard
ibm billboard
ibm billboard

This is Ogilvy’s second big win at the advertising festival. Ogilvy Brazil, which also made Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches,” won a Grand Prix in the Promo & Activations Lions category for an organ-donor campaign called “Immortal Fans.”

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