IBM is about to announce a new UK data centre

US tech giant IBM is going to build another data centre in the UK, according to industry sources.

The data centre — due to be officially announced in the coming weeks — will be IBM’s third in the UK. The multinational also has data centres in Portsmouth and Chessington.

It’s currently unclear as to where and when IBM’s new data centre will be built.

The New York-headquartered company uses a network of data centres worldwide to power its cloud business.

IBM is building the new UK data centre to meet increasing demand from customers in the region, a source said.

Almost all of the major US tech companies now have data centres in the UK or Ireland. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon have all opened facilities within the last few years to help them deliver a quicker and smoother experience for heir European users.

Apple is one of the few large US tech companies that is yet to open a data centre in the UK or Ireland. However, it’s hoping to build one just outside the small Irish town of Athenry near the west coast of Ireland.

IBM declined to comment.

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