IBM CEO Ginny Rometty Faces Off Against Golf's Most Sexist Club

Virginia Rometty

The Augusta National Golf Club is famous for two reasons: it hosts the Masters Tournament and — even now — it doesn’t allow women to be members.

As late as 2010 the club refused to admit women.  It only admitted its first black member in 1990, the Daily Mail reports.

Now that IBM has its first female CEO, the sexist club is facing a conundrum.

IBM is one of the Master’s three big sponsors and its last four CEOs became club members.  The tournament starts next week and CEO Ginny Rometty still hasn’t been granted access.

If Rometty doesn’t become a member, she will have to be accompanied by green-jacketed member at all times while watching the tournament, which is both annoying and embarrassing.

Either way, the sexist club will have to break one of its ridiculous rules. Augusta will either ditch its infamous anti-women policy and invite Rometty to become a member or it will break its tradition of making corporate sponsor CEOs members.

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