Ian Bremmer explains how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has transformed the country

Ian Bremmer, a geopolitical analyst and president of the Eurasia Group, explains why India has the best investment opportunities. Following is a transcript of the video.

The biggest opportunity out there right now has got to be India. I mean, you’ve got a prime minister who is enormously popular because he is clean and he is capable. He is truly incorruptible. In a country of well over a billion people, the fact that you finally have a leader that normally doesn’t take any money himself but ensures that people around him don’t and he is — his policies are first and foremost oriented at trying to take the wealth and resources of the Indian country and get it to the people who actually need them and get rid of all of the ugly layers of bureaucracy that have been lining their own pockets have made him popular. And it’s given him enough capital politically to allow him to do things like build infrastructure and create a national goods and service tax and start to begin to reform the Indian system in a way that it will allow it to grow in a greater degree. When he was running Gujarat state, it was experiencing double-digit growth. You were able to travel there and see that you could set up a business and the infrastructure worked. I think more of India will start looking like Gujarat because of that. In a country that big, it’s a slow process, it’s going to take a long time. But ultimately, that’s extraordinary and over a billion people you’re talking about — like about 15% of the entire planet’s population. That’s really good news.